A photo journey onboard a P&O ferry

The Bar

The Bar has a pub-like atmosphere and a selection of drinks that you would find in your local. Itís not just for adults, but the same rules regarding purchasing and drinking alcohol are in place as in the UK. A few groups of adults were sitting around chatting and laughing, and it seemed that this might be the place to hang out in if you and your mates are going on a holiday (although as it was early in the day Iím sure it was less full than it would be later on.)

The Bar in the Pride of Kent

I was not in the mood for an alcoholic drink Ė it wasnít even lunch time yet Ė but I had a chat to the barman about the prices of drinks and they were very fairly priced. Iím used to London prices so I was shocked to hear how affordable they were onboard. During our brief talk he mentioned we would be getting to Calais very soon and I realised that I hadnít got any Euros to spend while I was there, so I sped off to the onboard Bureau De Change.

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