A photo journey onboard a P&O ferry

The Port at Calais

After my incredibly pleasant 90 minute journey I looked out into France, and even though I would be there for a matter of hours, I was happy to be there. Once I was off the ferry we took a very short shuttle bus to the arrivals area of the port.

The entrance to the P&O check-in in Calais

A short walk through the arrivals section and I was out in the French air. Two huge P&O Ferries were sitting next to each other being loaded with cars, and I wondered how different the ferry I would take back to the UK would be. I waited with the other passengers at the bus stop to go to the city centre, but after looking at my watch I decided that it would probably be best if I just had a walk around the local area.

P&O building
The bus directly into Calais town centre departs from here
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