A photo journey onboard a P&O ferry

Heading back to the UK

Checking in for the return journey to the UK was easy, with my basic knowledge of French not even needed as the nice lady on at the P&O departures window spoke English. Equally easy was the passport control, where the man actually was English. I then went through to the departure lounge where other on-foot passengers were waiting and we waited to board the ferry.

Calais check-in desk
The Calais check-in desk

The shuttle bus across the large port was quick and painless, and then I saw the vessel I will be returning to Dover in, the Pride of Calais. I was under the impression that all P&O ferries that make the Dover-to-Calais crossings were exactly the same, and I seemed to be correct as I did not notice many differences from the outside of the ship. I boarded the ferry and it was when I got inside that I noticed how varied the fleet is.

Pride of Calais
My ferry home the Pride of Calais
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