A photo journey onboard a P&O ferry

Journey to Dover Port

Upon arrival at Dover Priory I had to take the P&O bus service to take me from the station to the port where I was due to board my 10.55 ferry. Due to problems with the train from London Victoria I was running later that I was comfortable with and was worred that I would not get on the bus in time, which would of course lead to me missing the checking-in time!

Shuttle Bus
The shuttle bus information board at Dover Priory in English and French, a language I had to get used to hearing for the rest of the day!

Luckily the bus was scheduled to pick me and the other waiting people 3 minutes after I arrived, and it turned up exactly on time. I paid the £2 ticket price and settled down to my ride through Dover. It was beautiful looking up at Dover Castle on the hill looking down on me, but I started to notice the mist that was beginning to descend all around me, maybe a cold February morning wasn’t the best time for taking photos of a trip to France by sea…

Bus service sign
The shuttle bus arrives to take me to the port and the awaiting P&O Ferry

So, on I went towards Dover’s port to check-in and continue the journey to Calais and back.

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