A photo journey onboard a P&O ferry

Relaxing in the Family Lounge

The Horizon Family Lounge is a great place to have a sit and look out into the sea. It is not a place for families only, which is a good thing as I was on my own, but a friendly area put aside for chatting and enjoying the trip.

Family lounge
The Horizon Family Lounge

At one end of the lounge you can buy drinks and snacks, at the other end there are large windows looking out into the sea. The was a group of children watching a Disney cartoon on a large screen, which would probably be a great way to spend the cross channel journey if you are going to Disneyland Paris. There were also some toys in the middle of the room to keep the youngsters busy. Once again I thought about how much fun I would have if I was a child aboard this ship.

Film entertainment
Disney films played for the children

After having a quick sit looking out into the sea I went and had a quick chat with the man working behind the drinks counter and asked where he’d recommend me to visit next on my P&O Ferry experience and he pointed me in the direction of Langan’s Brasserie

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