The Games Room

I thought I was due some leisure time while my food went down so I entered the games room to play on the arcade machines. While some people would be turned off by the idea of a room of video games, the games rooms on P&O Ferries ships are there for a good reason, to keep the kids entertained. While people throughout the ship people were shopping, eating and relaxing, this area is the ideal place for children and adults who want a blast of fun.

Games room
Fun on the ferry in the games room

I had a few goes on Time Crisis 3 (and didnít get very far). I started having some flashbacks to the day-trip to Calais I took with my school when I was 11. In many ways I wished I was a child on this trip, with so much to enjoy and explore I felt like I wasnít making the most out of the experience like I would have done back then. As a result of this I decided to spend a bit more time playing on the games, including some truly awful attempts at winning on a racing game.

Racing games
Racing games aboard the Pride Of Kent

The games room wasnít just a place where children could play safely, but also for families to play against each other and bond. While I was in there it seemed some family holidays were starting off on the right food as parents and children laughed as they tried to beat each other on the arcade machines.

After exerting myself a little too much on the racing games I headed to the Horizon Family Lounge for some well deserved chilling out.