The P&O Ferry departs

Once on board I took a look at the map of the Pride of Kent to decide what to do first. My stomach started rumbling and I thought that breakfast should be the first port of call at the International Food Court, but before then I thought it would be best to go up on the deck to say goodbye to Dover as the ferry sailed away.

Aboard the Pride
Aboard the Pride Of Kent Ė what to do first?

The morning chill was still in the air and Iím glad I had a warm coat with me. I stepped out into the open deck and was greeted with the white cliffs of Dover on one side and the open sea on the other. A few families were gathered by the handrail with the kids excited to look out as the ferry started moving. To be honest I was rather excited too.

Looking out as the mist envelopes the cliffs

As we pulled away the mist rapidly covered the land until shores of England were no longer visible. It was quite a sight to see, and Iím happy that P&O allow the passengers up on deck to witness it. Just before popping back downstairs to grab some food I noticed the seagulls who had decided to join in the trip and were flying alongside the ferry. I guess itís not only the passengers that enjoy the ride, but the gulls as well.

A seagull tags along for the journey