Walking around the ferry

My crossing to from Dover to Calais was heading towards its later stages so I decided to have a walk around the ship for a bit, with no destination in mind, to see what it was like outside of the main areas.

Map of the Pride Of Kent
The map of the Pride Of Kent

In the sections of the ship that link the main areas there are plenty of seating areas to make yourself comfortable while you wait to disembark or take a nap. And there are plenty of windows so you can peacefully watch the sea pass by.

Other areas
There’s more to a P&O Ferry than the main areas

All around the ship there were groups of people chatting and enjoying the trip. Some no doubt on business and appreciating the calm before they were hard at work, and some excited about the holiday they were setting out on. One thing I noticed about the ferry was how easy it was to find everything on offer and quickly get around. And with this in mind I headed to my last area of exploration aboard the Pride of Kent.