Online travel; the way to go

The Internet has opened the doors to easy travel bookings for holidays around the world and has now become the most popular way to arrange a trip abroad.

Thanks to the all powerful web, booking a holiday has never been easier. This is primarily because buying straight from a company website cuts out the middle man so you have to pay fewer administration costs, leaving you more money to spend on holiday.

Over half of Internet users make their travel arrangements online, according to research on consumer travel trends in the UK, and this figure looks set to increase. With more of us gaining Internet access, through PCs, Smartphones and netbooks, the trend towards online holiday booking shows no sign of abating.

When browsing the web you can look up the places you want to visit, do a bit of research, surf around for the best deals, pretty much all of which are found online these days, and book instantly at home. So are the days of the high street travel agent coming to end?

PC review and comparison specialists PC Site believe that online travel booking is the way forward for the travel industry:

“As the Internet evolves and more services are available to us from our very own homes, it is likely that face-to-face booking with travel agents will decline."

“Online travel bookings allow us complete freedom and versatility; we can book our airline and accommodation through separate websites and at our leisure and even do some research into areas before we book.”

The appeal of the Internet is its convenience. You select all the features you want (insurance, transfers, hire cars etc), pay online, and get your tickets emailed directly to you. Price comparisons between companies are easier, and you cut out the cost of having to pay travel agent fees.

The Internet is available for consultation 24 hours a day, seven days a week and can be done wherever there is an Internet connection – which these days is pretty much everywhere.

The best part about booking travel online is the offers that come with it. The Internet is the best place to find last-minute holidays for very little money.

With P&O you can get some bargain trips to the Continent and sometimes even a further discount when you book online so browse around the site and see what deals catch your eye!