The P&O shopping experience | A guide to shopping onboard

P&O Ferries offers passengers hundreds of products at heavily discounted prices compared to UK stores. If you want cheap alcohol, tobacco, cosmetics, fragrances, sweets, chocolates, toys and more than the onboard shops will provide you with incredible prices. All P&O Ferries have onboard shopping facilities and stock the leading product ranges so make the most out of your ferry crossing and pick up a bargain or two.

Car Park Shopper Minicruise

P&O Ferries offers a Minicruise from Dover to Calais for those of you wanting to make the most out of these amazing prices. The round trip to Calais means you can park on board the ship and go bargain hunting without needing to leave the ship, arriving back in Dover a few hours (and a few saved pounds) later. While on the Car Park Shopper Minicruise you also have access to everything else P&O Ferries offer onboard their ships.


Duty paid shopping

Duty Free shopping was abolished for internal EU trips in 1999. In its place is the very similar ‘duty paid’ shopping, which means the duty that you pay is in fact much lower than in the UK. So while it can no longer be called Duty Free, you are still making massive discounts on the products that are sold onboard.