The Pyrenees Mountains form one of Europe’s most formidable geographic borders. Standing at heights of well above 2,000 metres, they divide the plains of southern France with the provinces of northern Spain: Navarre, Catalonia and Aragon.

Of the two sides the Spanish is considered to enjoy the better weather. Bright blue skies are common throughout the year and the strength of the sun is sufficient to allow the province of Navarre to grow the country’s greatest number of tomatoes.

Almost all of the finest Spanish ski resorts can be found in the Pyrenees and following the spring melt mountain paths are reclaimed by hikers and twisting roads filled with cyclists and road trippers. An active lifestyle characterises the region. Detached from the grind of city, those who live amongst the foothills can expect to live longer and better than their compatriots in other parts of Spain – a country which already enjoys the European Union’s longest life expectancy.